A promotional video for the Invictus Games features an unlikely cast of the British royalty and the US President and First Lady. The video tweeted out by Kensington Palace shows Prince Harry and the Queen going through the programme for the games when they are interrupted by a text on Harry’s phone.

A video message from the "First Lady of the United States", it features the Obamas with two servicemen and a servicewoman behind them. Michelle Obama, looking stern, says, “Hey Prince Harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games...”.

“Careful what you wish for,” the US president finishes her sentence.

A serviceman then does a mock gangster gesture, saying “Boom”.

The trash talk doesn’t cut it for the Queen, who looking amused and tells her grandson, “Boom? Really, please.”

Prince Harry is a patron for the Invictus Games, which explains the high profile promo.

The games started in 2014 are an international sporting event for wounded, disabled and sick military personnel and veterans. The 2016 games are due to begin in a week’s time in the US city of Orlando, in Florida state.