The terrifying video above, captured by CCTV cameras in Badaling Safari World, a wildlife park in Beijing, China records a tiger dragging away a woman who stepped out of her car on Saturday.

The woman was rescued but suffered grievous injuries. But tragically, a woman believed to be her mother tried to fend off the attacking animal but was mauled to death by another tiger in the park, despite intervention by park rangers. There was a family of four in the car, including three adults and a child, and the women had come out as a result of an argument, news agencies have reported, although there has been no official confirmation of details.

The 6,000-acre park in Beijing allows visitors to drive through in their own cars to get a close view of the big cats, but are warned not to step out. The park has been kept shut as an investigation is underway.

This is the latest in a series of incidents being captured by CCTV cameras in animal parks and zoos . In June, Harambe, an endangered gorilla, was shot because a small child had fallen into its enclosure. It triggered off debates about zoos in general and whether the mother had been negligent. Also last month, there was a video that showed a lion running towards a small child to attack him, only to be stopped by the glass barricade of the enclosure.

In May, a drunken man had leapt into a lion enclosure in Hyderabad Zoo but was fortunately saved. That incident came close on the heels of a news story that broke about a suicidal man who had jumped into a lion enclosure in Santiago, Chile, which resulted in the two lions in the zoo being shot to death.