Coleman F Sweeney, the protagonist of a new ad for Donate Life America is altogether unpleasant. He gives cigarettes to children, steals candy from them, honks at the elderly, hurts animals – in short, he is an a-grade a**hole. And also an unlikely star for an organ donation campaign.

An unsentimental spot for a noble cause, it subverts the idea of organ donation being an act only for the truly kind and empathetic among us.

Coleman is a “bonafide a**hole, 365 days a year, 24x7...” we are told, and the narrative builds to prove that. But in death Coleman becomes a hero. While his personality isn’t the best, his organs work just fine.

Comments on Youtube of course point to the fact that a heavy smoker and drinker may not be the best organ donor, but perhaps we can put that down to creative licence.

With the demand for organs way higher than their availability, massive illegal organ trafficking markets have come to flourish. India, China, Pakistan and other developing countries are the main base for illegal organ trading. The poor either sell their own kidneys, or are harvested for organs without their consent. It’s a complex problem, and keeping that in mind, Coleman is a really great guy.