With the spate of riderless vehicles being tested across the world, it might be a sign that human beings do not want other human beings fiddling with things that they use every day. There are also plans being tested for fully automated kitchens.

We aren't there yet but another aspect of the our lives might be getting a robotic makeover: railway snacks. Formerly the bastion of a wide range of greasy and fried foods, railway station fare in India might soon include a thin crust pizza. The serving of which is meant to be completely automatic, hygienic, and with no human interaction.

The IRCTC is planning to install anytime-pizza machines at five of the busiest train stations in Mumbai: Kalyan, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Kurla, Mumbai Central, CST and Andheri. The machine does exactly what its name suggests.

The video above shows the functioning of the machine. Money is put into it from one slot, an option is selected, and it creates a pizza from scratch in five minutes. Depending on how much each pizza costs, the vada pao, might have competition.