Indians love taking selfies. In fact, they love taking them so much that they are willing to put life and limb at risk. Half of the 27 deaths in the world related to selfies occurred in India last year, more than any other country. Perturbed by this trend, the Mumbai police identified 15 no-selfie zones across the financial capital.

Despite all these factors, and the fact that the American Psychological association regards taking selfies as indicative of a mental disorder, the practice continues unabated in India.

Trouble is, not everyone likes being part of your selfie.

In Rajasthan's Mount Abu, a young man decided to take a group selfie with a large python. The reptile had been caught earlier in the day after nearby hotel staff had alerted the forest officials of its presence within their premises. The already agitated creature lunged at the man who was attempting to take the selfie. Thankfully, he was able to escape unharmed.

Apart from their use in selfies, snakes have been garnering minor celebrity status on social media over the last few years. In 2013, a picture purporting to show a rather bulging snake that was supposed to have swallowed a drunk man from India made the rounds around the globe. Obviously, it was a fake. In August, a video of a cobra spitting out "six eggs after swallowing seven" garnered a million views.