A gruesome incident took place on the streets of Kottayam in Kerala on Monday. Members of Congress Youth Front (Mani) caught and beat 10 dogs to death.

You read that right. And it gets worse.

They then hung them on sticks and took them to the local post office so that the carcasses could be mailed to Maneka Gandhi, the Minister for Women and Child Development. The inhumane act was to "protest" against Gandhi's criticism of the growing incidents of cruelty to stray dogs in the state, The Indian Express reported.

Some protests.

The video above, a report by NDTV, shows scenes from the so-called protest. While it may be the most horrifying and unsettling thing to learn of, it is only the latest such instance caught on tape.

In the past, a video of medical students throwing a dog from a terrace was watched around the world. The young men involved in the crime were arrested but released on bail soon after.

Another, still more horrifying, video that made its way to the internet showed young men in Hyderabad burning puppies alive. Without proper legislation to deal with the crime, the perpetrators got off easy.

In Kannur, Kerala, in 2015, the carcasses of three dogs were found hanging, to mark the death anniversary of an RSS leader.

Close on the heels of the incident in Kottayam, a video surfaced of a man attacking a woman in Pune on Monday. Apparently he was opposed to the woman and her daughter bringing home stray puppies, looking after, and feeding them.


While Kerala does have a rising stray dog population, the reason might lie in the government and the municipal corporation not effectively carrying out sterilisation and vaccination programmes. Indiscriminate culling of dog populations does not work.