Romance is great, but dating can be daunting.

Author Mora Weigel explained that dating has managed to evolve on its own, adapting to the current times, in her book, Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating. In this video, she takes a long hard look at how dating has inched closer towards the public sphere over the years.

While it was perceived to be "disreputable" earlier, the situation has changed. Thankfully. Options like hook-up bars and dating apps like Tinder have not only made people more accessible to one another, there’s also an obvious economic stake involved for corporations.

For example, Weigel explains, companies need us to do all this work for them, but it’s made to look like it’s meant for our personal happiness. It could be processing photo after photo for a profile picture, or buying more drinks or even getting a Brazilian wax.

But all is not lost, she says, adding that it’s definitely still worthwhile to look for love. We’re not robotic drones victimised by Tinder and can date however we want without being completely controlled by big companies.

Looking for love is not limited or restricted and lets us create a world of our own. She concludes with, “The idea that love could be like world changing labour is really exciting.”