Casualties are still being reported as Hurricane Matthew continues to head towards the north of the US. It hit Florida on Friday, and though it didn't make landfall, there was torrential rain and flooding in the state, from which millions were evacuated earlier.

The devastating hurricane has already had a major impact on Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas, and is said to be the strongest storm to hit the Atlantic region after Felix in 2007.

NASA released footage of the storm from the International Space Station (video above), its cameras capturing the view from 250 miles above the ground. The eye of the hurricane is clearly visible in the video.

It was briefly classified as a Category 5 hurricane before being downgraded to Category 2. Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on Monday and Tuesday, killing hundreds of people and destroying many homes, leaving residents to fend for themselves.


Several warnings have been issued already, and millions of people were to evacuate in Florida. “This is serious,” Florida Governor Rick Scott had previously said during a briefing. “This storm will kill you. Time is running out," he had warned, asking people to evacuate quickly.

According to reports, the storm has already killed four people in the US. It also caused a major power outage in Florida on Friday.


Other urgent warnings were issued too. The Weather Channel host Bryan Norcross warned his viewers firmly, using strong language to emphasise that the storm is dangerous. "I cannot overstate the danger of this storm," he said, asking people to head for a safe spot immediately. He stated that the storm is "like no storm in the record books".