Why does every new smartphone define itself in terms of its differences with the iPhone? Google's brand new offering, the Pixel, had potential buyers hyperventilating on its features, and yet chose to point out how it beats Apple's signature phone.

The target is clearly in sight in the advertisement (video above) for Pixel, which follows the text-based format used by Apple when it summarised the launch of the iPhone 7. Much of the content seems to be intended as a direct rebuttal to Apple's claims.

"Need a new phone?

Like new new?

Like doesn't have a version number new?

A battery that charges seven hours in 15 minutes new?

The highest-rated smartphone camera ever new?

A blue so blue we created it new?

 3.5 mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new."

Equal opportunity fun-pokers on social media were quick to make jokes about the smartphone's price, and about the fact that phones bought from Verizon in the US will have updates handled by that company and not Google, which, they say, ruins the one good thing about Pixel.

Of course, none of this had any effect on YouTuber TechRax, who has gained fame for being unkind to iPhone.