If you're an instant film-maker (read: YouTube samurai), you're not reading this. You're too busy jumping on whatever is newsworthy to churn out a quickie.

Right now, it's surgical strikes and Dussera. And if you're willing to forego nuance and simply jump on the jingoist bandwagon popular with Twitter trolls and certain news anchors, you're almost guaranteed a viral hit.

And so, here's V Seven Pictures' latest short film, appropriately titled, with search-engine–optimised keywords, Surgical Strikes/ A reply video from Indian soldiers to Kejriwal/ Special Dussera. Shared on YouTube by the three-year-old channel, the video already has 1.3 million views and counting.

Two soldiers from the Indian Army carry out surgical strikes in a forest somewhere and kill 4-5 men with what noticeably look like toy guns. They then contemplate whether the bodies should be taken back to offer as proof to some “Vibhishans”, such as a certain “muffler-topi wala”.

Just that Vibhishan was on the good guy's side in The Ramayana.