What do Nobel Prize winners do differently from others? University of Pennsylvania Wharton School professor Adam Grant says he's studied enough Nobel Prize-winning scientists to offer an answer.

They have hobbies. Of course.

Who wouldn't want their children to win a Nobel Prize? In the video above, Grant offers parenting tips for those who want to talk about what they were doing when their kids won the Nobel. These are insights from his book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World.

He stresses on the importance of not following the herd and allowing non-conformism to grow early on. “Conformity is dangerous,” he says.

Books also play a crucial role in helping shape children's views. Grant tells parents to pick up books that have characters who do things differently, and read them out to their children, asking them to approach different problems from this perspective. For example, “What do you think Hermione would do in a situation like this?”