With Halloween almost upon us, TV host Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show decided to visit a scary haunted house called Blood Manor in New York, dragging actor Kevin Hart along for the eerie ride.

Fallon is seen telling his audience in the video, “I’m going to be honest, rollercoasters are okay, I can do a little bit, but I do not like being scared.” The duo visited an amusement park recently, and went on a rollercoaster together.

This segment, though, was full of shrieks and all kinds of scary creatures out to get the visitors – from vampires to zombies and a demon-like creature with a chainsaw. Fallon and Hart were visibly spooked, yelling at random interventions and unpleasant surprises in this house of horrors. Hart even hilariously admitted to having farted at one point.

Hart tried to cover up his fear and reactions to the paranormal elements when the two got to the exit, explaining, “I’m an actor and was acting.”