This video will take you back to a simpler time when rotary dials were still around. (Your parents will remember them even if you don't.) In the age of smart touchscreens, an innovator who goes by the name of Mr Volt on YouTube claims to have created a rotary cell phone of his own.

In the video, he explains what his cell phone can and cannot do. You also get a good look at the design, which is super minimalistic and guaranteed to attract attention.

The phone has six functions. It lets you call people or store one phone number. You can also text if you’re not impatient and are okay with taking things slow. Or you can listen to the latest hits on the radio, check system settings or simply let it sleep.

There’s also a 96 x 96 OLED display in the mix with a case that’s made of aluminium, brass and 3-D printed plastic. The phone is powered by an Adafruit microcomputer.

The spiffy phone looks super heavy and can't be stuffed into your pocket, but will make heads turn at every corner for sure.