There have been many attempts to understand the spate of shootings in the United States. Previously, Michael Moore’s documentary Bowling For Columbine pointed the blame at the culture of fear, violence and paranoia in the country as the reason for fostering conditions that led to these tragedies. One of the most chilling works of art on the subject is Gus Van Sant’s Elephant, a 2003 feature film recreation of the Columbine massacre.

An advertisement (video above) seems to take its cues from the incident and the film, and is set in a school somewhere in the United States. Outwardly, it’s a sweet teen love story unfolding in the form of messages inscribed on a wooden desk in a library. But the twist comes from the story not seen, though it’s in plain sight.

The advertisement has been made by Sandy Hook Promise, an organisation attempting to create awareness on the subject. According to the pre-ad research, around 80 percent of school shooters and 70 percent of individuals who committed suicide told someone of their plans before taking action, but no one around them noticed the warning signs.