Of all the weapons in the world of science fiction, the lightsaber is arguably the most iconic, at least as far as pop culture goes. The epic battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars would not have been half as famous without the hum and buzz of the lightsabers they wielded, one glowing red and the other blue.

But what exactly are these lit-up, hot, sword-like weapons made of? For over 40 years, intrigued fans have developed theories – from their history to their making. There’s even a parody version of how to use a lightsaber, safely.


“An elegant weapon for a more civilised age,” is how old Ben Kenobi describes the weapon. And many believe that it is possible to develop the lightsaber in real life.

A prevalent fan theory is that the lightsaber is made of rare crystals grown in scattered planets across the galaxy. But YouTuber Kyle Hill believes that science can help understand what the fictional weapon could actually be made of. The science editor of the website Nerdist says that the key lies in the colour of the lightsaber.

Watch his theory in the video below.