A fresh blanket of white snow is a beautiful sight. But unless the snow is removed from the roads or pavements, it quickly turns into a hazard.

In most parts of Canada, people take to shovels to clear the snow. It’s no fun, really. But not in some parts of Halifax City.

For there, it’s the Maritime Bhangra Group that swings into action. With shovels in their hands and arms poking the air, members of this bhangra group break into the traditional Punjabi folk dance to prove that old adage – when you dance the bhangra in the snow, the temperature will go up.

Not that this is the first time that Canadians are getting to watch these bhangra performers. On September 23, the group posted the video below of two of their members, Davinder Singh Dhillon and Kunwardeep Singh, dancing the bhangra on the western shore of Canada.

The group is not only known for their infectiously entertaining performances in public spaces, but also for performing, literally, anywhere they want to.