It’s that traumatic event that comes in many children’s lives – the day they learn that Santa Claus is not real. The normal reactions one might expect are tears and dismay at the lies their parents, whom you trusted implicitly, told them.

But the video above suggests this might not be the case. Obviously, kids being kids, the reactions are anything but predictable. Some kids already knew it, and others have wide-ranging theories as to why their parents have it wrong.

“Have you ever wondered how Santa can be in so many different malls at the same time?”

“The more people that believe in Santa Claus, the more power he has to fly.”

For the child in everyone, here’s scientific proof that Santa Claus exists. Santa has to hit 132 million homes worldwide. He must stop at 1,1178 homes every second. A fraction of a milli-second in each home. Sound impossible? But not for Santa, who’s a master of science.