When it comes to lifestyle products, not matter where in the world, sexism instantly becomes apparent. In India, it is starkly evident in, for instance, the differential advertising for men and women when it comes to fairness creams (and the less said about them the better).

But there’s no need to look too deep when it comes to the rest of the bodycare industry. On a simple visit to his local store, 22-year-old US college student Lucky Turner compared the different colours of the same products for men and women. The resultant video instantly went viral, getting over 52,000 shares and counting.

“You’d like some Palmer’s cocoa butter?” Turner asks. “Let’s get some for men in the darker colour, because men like darker colours.”

“Do you need some Lubriderm Advanced Therapy?” he says. “Are you a man? Let’s get some for men, now in a darker colour. That’s right, because men don’t like light colours.”

With the pattern set, there is nothing that surprises him anymore.

“Do I even have to say it anymore? Are you a man? That’s right. Darker colour, because men don’t like orange either.”