In the wee hours of the year’s first day, musician Taher Shah shared his much anticipated love message to humanity. As promised, the video was uploaded on YouTube on December 31, and shared from Shah’s social media accounts on January 1, much to the amusement of his followers.

Shah had promised his fans a message on the same day as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New Year’s Eve address to India. His fans, also known as Taherians, were not disappointed in imagining that the Pakistani viral sensation would be able to give Modi a run for his demonetised money.

Shah, in the new video Humanity Love, is King Shah. Perhaps it had to happen, eventually. Shah Rukh Khan is probably not worried, though.

The video features all the requirements for a runaway hit: a golden throne, blingy trees, white purring cat, poetry, a manbun, and, several references to love and angels.

The video message begins with the camera panning in on Shah, minus the long flowing tresses of his Angel and Eye to Eye fame. Shah is sporting 2016’s manbun trend – fetchingly, too, along with sideburns and locks of hair.

Shah likes a creature or two around him. In Eye to Eye, he had to make do with his clones, while in Angel he had a child and a significant other helping him spread his magic. In his new message to humanity, he is accompanied by the most viral internet thing ever – a cat.

Interspersed with purrs from the white furball in his arms, Shah’s golden words (in admittedly inadequate translation): “Love is my faith, love is my identity. True love flows from the eyes to the heart...” You get the drift.

Shah recently fled from Pakistan to an undisclosed location after the authorities refused to take the threats to his life seriously. His manager confessed that he has no clue to the performer’s whereabouts. has reached out to Shah to ascertain whether his cosplay as the King in Yellow of yore was deliberate. Readers will be updated following his response.