It was probably enough to make even angels weep. Pakistani singer and “mankind’s angel” Taher Shah released his latest single on Saturday, and it caused an outpouring of pain and disbelief on the internet.

The single, Angel, reminds people about the virtues of peace. Its video has Shah, dressed in a purple robe and wearing a tiara, crooning lyrics like:

“Angel, mankind, angel, mankind
I am like an angel
mankind’s angel
my heart is like a rose
mankind soul
did his creation
by god
heaven on earth
mankind’s angel
lonely for you”


Angel comes three years after Shah’s hit Eye to Eye, which had propelled him to internet fame. In that video he is seen romancing his twin self.


Though there were many haters of the creative goodness that is Taher Shah, there were also those couldn’t get enough of him.

Behold, Shah’s greatest (perhaps ironic) fan has been discovered.