At the age of 24, Britain-born Harnaam Kaur has set a 2017 Guinness World Record that means a lot more than the title of sporting a full beard. It was all about celebrating a part of her body that was most natural to her, even though it isn’t to many women. Here’s the video of how Kaur overcame a syndrome which caused excessive hair growth for seven years.

Kaur’s active presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has earned her fans across the globe, and has even inspired many women to accept that hair, be it excessive or sparse, shouldn’t affect who they are as people. Her campaign #morethanmyovaries has created widespread awareness on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

In the process, Kaur has also voiced the need for freedom and respect for women in Indian society and has even questioned “masculine” attitude among Punjabi men.