What do you do with all those incredibly expensive clothes you buy for special occasions, beause there aren’t enough special occasions to get your money’s worth?

Comedy group AIB has a solution. It’s an app named Févént (they could have called it plain and simple Fevent, but that wouldn’t sound as French or posh), that finds fake events such as engagements, weddings and funerals near you for your convenience.

When a man tells the app he has a black three-piece suit, the app responds with more options than he can fathom. “Looking for fake weddings, funerals, engagements ceremonies, graduations, board meetings, interviews, award shows, school farewells, orchestra gigs, paan masala ads, penguin themed parties...”

You get to attend a fake event like a wedding with other people like you and there are even options to let you choose your preference, such as “Punjabi wedding, Christian wedding, Inter-caste wedding, Honest wedding and even Red wedding (“The Lannisters send their regards”) followed by blood, a reference to one of the most iconic scenes from The Game of Thrones.

Towards the end of the video, AIB member Rohan Joshi is in bed with his sherwarni and remarks, “Ek ladka aur ek sherwani kabhi dost nahi ho sakte.”