“We totally understand that it’s going to America first.”

If you have been following #EverySecondCounts, you know what’s coming next.

Unofficial spoof videos of European countries are pitching themselves as the second most important country after US President Donald Trump announced his “America first” policy. The Dutch started it and soon most of Europe had its share of laughs.

Now Africa has joined in and Namibia is the first from the continent to take a dig at Trump.

But the west African country isn’t pitching for second place – it is asking to be recognised as Namibia first in Africa.

And they sure have their reasons.

In three and a half minutes, the video impersonates Tump’s voice to flaunts Namibian culture – food, local beer and various tribes mix to become “Nam Flava”. The video stands out with its vivid use of emoticons or what is known as “emojis”.

The narrator mocks Trump’s policies on Mexico Wall and his constant attacks on China (video below) by claiming that they have a fairly large wall built around the Namibian State House built by “Chyna”.

China welcomes Trump in his own words. #everysecondcounts

The video took a funny stance while comparing trump towers with Namibia’s “great tower” which is shaped like a coffee machine that the country “let the North Koreans” build.

“They build anything we want. True story. We don’t why yet but I guess we’ll find out.”

The reactions on the YouTube video are realising the power of humour on the internet and how it is actually helping many revise their knowledge in geography — “It is beyond cool how Trump has unwittingly brought together millions of people all over the world to learn about one another’s countries while having a great laugh at his expense.”

Another user was surprised how the US President was, in a weird fashion, doing “an amazing job of uniting people”.

On Facebook, some users loved it so much that they requested the video to be forwarded to their numbers on Whatsapp, a mobile messenger.

A way to indeed make a video go viral.