If you can’t do sexy and you know it, then rapper and activist Sofia Ashraf has the perfect anthem for you. Ashraf, who previously made the enormously popular Kodaikanal Won’t video, and also showed her comic chops in her single, The Good News Song, now has a witty, worthy message for “passable looking ladies”.

Set to an instantly hummable tune and chorus, Ashraf croons: “Can cash my cheques, impress execs, but can’t do sexy”. Ashraf cheerily points out the flaws in her appearance, and how she feels awkward in heels or even a sari. As the women in the video do an easy dance to the upbeat number, Ashraf turns the whole body image issue around to squash the need to conform. So she might think she looks like a waitress in an LBD, or an engineer in a shirt-dress, or Harry Potter in spectacles, and can never take a selfie she likes, but Ashraf “owns it”. And nothing else matters.