Horrific video footage has emerged of Mumbai Constable Ramesh Awate attempting to run over a man owing to an argument about money. The incident occurred on April 21, and Awate, who is attached to the Special Branch of the Mumbai police, is now on the run.

The tabloid Mumbai Mirror reported that Awate came to the location in Thane and picked a fight with Atul Pethe over a financial dispute. When Pethe began recording the proceedings, Awate got into his Innova and drove it straight into him.

The video above, taken from CCTV footage of the site, captures this event. Pethe can be seen in front of the Innova, pleading with the driver to stop, but the car increases its speed.

According to the same report, Pethe was able to climb onto the bonnet of the car, but would have been slammed into a truck if a crowd had not intervened. Members of the crowd rushed towards the car but Awate escaped.

In 2010, Awate had been booked by the CBI for extortion of Rs 15 lakh.