You probably don’t want to try this at home. Professional strongman Brian Shaw has revealed his diet plan in a video. What does it look like? 12,000+ calories in a day, which translates into a whole lot of food and the determination to eat it.

“I should probably start out at the beginning by saying…This diet is to make me as strong as I possibly can be. I’m eating to be the strongest man on the planet,” he says at the beginning of the video, practically warning his viewers to be extra careful while attempting anything similar.

He explains that it’s especially difficult to do this when he’s not hungry. “It’s a necessary evil, so to speak,” he says.

He’s taken home the World’s Strongest Man title several times. Maintaining that tag is no joke.

Shaw gets a nutritionist to help him out with his diet plan since monitoring his eating is a continuous process and an incredibly tough part of his training. He breaks down his meals in the video and they include the usual suspects, such as eggs and protein shakes.

It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to do it.