The name is Lina. And it can vanish into the earth.

On Wednesday, students of Netherland’s Eindhoven University of Technology presented the world’s first car made of biocomposite. The interiors, chassis, and bodywork of the car are made of natural materials – which makes most of the machine biodegradable.

The resulting low weight, of around 300 kilograms – versus about 1,800 kilograms for regular cars – also makes it energy efficient. It’s certified in its home country to be road-worthy, carrying four passengers.

A combination of bio-plastics and bio-composites have been used to create the chassis, while the bodywork is flax-based. The bio-plastic, which is one of the chief components, is made from sugar beet. The car is electric-powered and reaches speeds of up to 85 kilometres per hour.

For now, it doesn’t seem like the bio-composite car, is an idea that will have widespread use but the students have showcased the viability of the idea. Later this month, they will tour Europe with their creation.