Could bears be the new cats on the internet?

In the video above, a bear cub is seen “helping” a woman dig her garden, while she eggs him on. According to a helpful interpreter on Reddit, the woman tells her furry assistant: “Are you a garden helper, Syomochka? Who’s helping me? Syo-oma! My he-elper! Digger! Say yes, Syoma! Be more careful.”

It appears to be all in a day’s work for the pair – and perhaps it is. Domesticating bears doesn’t seem unusual in Russia. Earlier, there was news of a Russian family which adopted a bear cub whose mother was killed in the wild in 2015. At the time, biologists had expressed concern over the fact that it could get dangerous for the cub to continue staying with the family once he grows up.

For now, at least, Syomochka seems very much at home in the garden with his human family.