United States President Donald Trump’s administration has been facing deep scrutiny after his return from a recent foreign tour. Most governments would work hard at defending themselves in such a situation, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah explained in an episode of his show. But things work differently for Trump’s administration. “They didn’t get here by being normal,” Noah said.

Noah went on to offer viewers a montage of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer praising his boss’s “incredible”, “historic”, “semi-revolutionary” journey abroad. “Wow, did you see how incredible that was?” Noah asked. “Not only is the administration ignoring all of the criticism of the trip, they’re basically saying it was the greatest presidential trip of all time.”

“What gives Sean Spicer the confidence to go out there and say straight-faced that Donald Trump is now the patron saint of diplomacy?” Noah went on. “Well, it’s because he knows that a large part of the population – you may know them as Republicans – believe that Donald Trump is far more credible than most news outlets.”

Then came the climax. “So if Trump says millions of illegals voted in the election, they believe it,” he said. “If Trump says Obama wire-tapped him, they believe that, too. If Trump says ‘covfefe,’ look, they don’t know what it means, but damn it, they believe it.”

He was referring to the president sending out a tweet with the word “covfefe” on Tuesday night, causing scores to react in the only way possible in such a situation – with laughter.

There are, of course, all sorts of fantastical theories afloat on how exactly the word, if we can call it that, was coined. Noah explained that Trump is trying to create his own little version of North Korea, relying heavily on propaganda. Except that we have the internet and know better. He even pointed out CNN pundit Kayleigh McEnany’s reaction to the controversy to note, “According to her, not only did Trump not mess up, but he deliberately wrote ‘covfefe’ to drive his enemies crazy,” Noah said. “And clearly, this is the supreme leader’s new strategy. Trump didn’t screw up in Europe, he succeeded historically. He didn’t fall asleep while tweeting, he humiliated his enemies. ‘Covfefe’ isn’t a typo, it is a fantastic new word.”