Opera isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But what if it came with an irresistible twist?

There is no dearth of new and amusing ways to take on United States President Donald Trump on the internet. But Opera vs. Trump (Rossini Edition) by Operatico Politico sets the bar high.

Performed by Rebecca Nelson and Eric Stoklossa, two “real fake news” presenters, the opera is described as “a political, critical parody”. It was inspired by Saturday Night Live and Adam Sandler’s Operaman. In the five-minute long video, the duo covers Trump’s record as President in the form of a hilarious opera, complete with dramatic facial contortions and background music.

There are references to Trump’s family – Jared “Douche-ner” – to his aides – Steve Bannon “diavolo”, Betsy DeVos “imbecillo – and, of course, to Trump himself, variously described as “bigoto”, “stupido”, “orange cheeto”, “dictatorino”.

They don’t just stop at calling him names, but also address his policies, the immigration ban, the ignorance of his politics, the arrogance of Congress, and the people who rose in protest against Trump as president – but “Congresso no caro”. About halfway through, viewers are asked to stand by as “we are experiencing temporary incoherent rage”.

The video comes to a glorious crescendo as the two singers join in a dramatic soprano and sing Impeacheraaaaaa!

This is what the duo had to say about their parody: “Believe it or not, in an aria with so many words, we actually still did not manage to fit in everything we wanted to say about ‘45’!”