According to stand-up comedian Aravind SA, the theory that people from Chennai don’t know Hindi is far from true. He claims that they do, in fact, know Hindi, but simply refuse to speak it. Why? “Because we like to irritate the North Indians.”

And there’s a good reason behind that too. “Because you people did a f**k-all tribute to us called Chennai Express and Lungi Dance.”

Applause. The comedian isn’t done yet. “Every time Lungi Dance is played in any club in Chennai, in Bombay or Delhi, all my North Indian friends will be like ‘Tera song, tera song, tera song’. I’m like, ‘Bloody, that is not my song. We don’t like this song.’”

What’s there to like? The song’s lyrics have nothing to do with Chennai or South India. Breaking down the song line by line, Aravind makes a couple of hilariously true points about the stereotyping (and lack of research) in the lyrics.

After all, who would write “coconut mei lassi milaake” – “Shakespeare level lyrics”, he calls them – when coconut is actually associated with Kerala and lassi with Punjab? “What the f**k does that have to do with Tamil Nadu?” he exclaims, mockingly adding, “Honey Singh told, it must be true.”

This clip is part of Aravind’s stand-up special Madrasi Da, which challenges all kinds of stereotypes about the city and its culture.