Simon Smith was heading to a local pub in Reading, United Kingdom, on Saturday morning when a shiny purple double-decker bus seemingly came out of nowhere and knocked him down.

The CCTV footage (above) shows the Number 17 bus veering off the road, damaging some property on the pavement, and ramming into Smith, sending him flying about 20 feet. Once the bus shakily moves out of the frame, leaving a pile of rubble in its wake, we see Smith miraculously spring back up on his feet, brush the dust off himself, and walk casually into Purple Turtle, the pub he was headed towards.

It seems unreal, but the 53-year-old survived the accident with only some scratches and bruises. His wife, however, told The Telegraph, “He’s suffering. He’s in a lot of pain, he shouldn’t be here...his recovery is the main thing.”

The incident is reportedly being further investigated by the Thames Valley Police and the Reading Buses administration. The driver has been taken off the road.