Comedian and VJ José Covaco has created at least two versions of CBFC Chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani’s recent debacle with a journalist from the TV channel Mirror Now. Here’s one of them (above), appropriately titled Kuch Sawalon Ka Koi Jawab Nahin... Some questions have no answers).

Covaco has replaced the original questions with pertinent but rhetorical queries on the minds of many Indians. For instance: “Demonetisation ke baare mein kuch aap bata sakte hain?”. When the Censor Board chief does not respond, the questions go on to, among others, Aadhar cards, Arvind Kejriwal, GST and Narendra Modi.

Nihalani’s silence appears hilariously symbolic of the lack of information from the government in response to many of these questions from the people.