The rules of dating keep changing – and Agents of Ishq are keeping track, while putting a modern, progressive spin on the whole affair. Agents of Ishq is a quirky multi-media project founded by documentary filmmaker Paromita Vohra, which looks at sex, love and desire.

The idea is to normalise and create positive conversations around these subjects. In their latest video, Dil Leke Dekho: Ishq Farmaoing Without Sharmaoing (above), the Agents of Ishq asked youngsters across Mumbai what they felt about expressing their love and their attitude to dating.

The answers are varied, of course, and offer a fresh perspective on the dating game. Do people like subtle hints, or being asked out directly? What worked for them on the first date? How do they deal with heartbreak? Garnished with cheeky graphics with modified quotes from the Gita, John Lennon and Ghalib (“This ishq is not aasaan, but kya kare? No try, no joy”) the video is warmly entertaining.

If anything, the participants agree on one thing – cheesy pick up lines like “You are my pepsi – yeh dil maange more” or “Hey girl, are you tired? You’ve been running all through my mind” will not work. Neither will coming on too strong or being over-the-top. The best bet, it appears, is to simply be yourself.