Popular Mumbai-based radio jockey Malishka Mendonsa made a satirical video last week using the Marathi song Sonu Tuza Mazyavar Bharosa Nai Kai mocking Mumbai’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Shiv Sena. The Red FM RJ criticised them for the lack of maintenance of city roads during monsoons.

The Shiv Sena and BMC did not take kindly to her musical exercise, and dismissed it as a “cheap publicity stunt”. They filed a Rs 500-crore defamation suit against Red FM, and issue a notice against her mother for breeding dengue-transmitting mosquitoes in and around their house.

Red FM in Delhi, however, was unfazed by this attack, and brazenly hit back with another song (video above), also based on the popular Sonu song that Malishka had used. The video, featuring RJ Raunac and others from the radio station’s Delhi team, shows them sitting in a raft on a flooded road in Delhi, as they sing the catchy song:

“Sonu, tujhe RJ pe bharosa nahi kya? (nahi kya)
RJ ki baat lage joke joke? (joke joke)
RJ ko bolne se mat rok (mat rok)


Sonu, tujhe RJ pe bharosa nahi kya? (nahi kya)
Jab bhi hum karte tujhe poke poke (poke poke)
Hum pe tu case deta thok thok (thok thok)”

The message is clear: the issues remain the same, whether it’s Mumbai or Delhi, or indeed any other part of the country. The very parties that the citizens voted for are stifling their basic freedom of expression.

The Shiv Sena, meanwhile, responded with a (rather dull) parody addressed to Malishka and her parody (video below). ‘Tis a season of parodies too many.