Most people look back on their schooldays and are overcome with bittersweet memories, one of the strongest being the love-hate relationship with our teachers. That might change after watching the video (above) from Screen Patti, which imagines what might happen if politicians from the current generation were teachers.

“Mahendra” Modi declares all your (school) notes worthless. “New notes will be circulated in school started today,” he announces. But the catch? Each student can only get two copies, an obvious reference to the arbitrary rules during demonetisation that kept changing every day. But “Teacher” Modi is sure of one thing: “Acche results aane wale hain.”

Aam teacher “Arjun” Kejriwal conducts classes for students with odd and even numbers on alternate days, giving no room for breaking his rules. For “Jogi” Adityanath’s class, the students have to greet him in a sing-song, lazy drawl and say: “Jai Shree Ram!”. And while “Karishma” Swaraj answers her students’ questions on twitter, “Pappu” Gandhi gets schooled by his own students.