Super Mario is back, and this time, on a new 3D platforming adventure for the Nintendo Switch. In the video (above) put out by the company, the game’s producer Yoshiaki Koizumi gives a full low-down of what gaming enthusiasts can expect from the reboot.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario is not happy about Bowser trying to marry Princess Peach, but he has a new comrade-in-arms now – Cappy. It’s Mario’s cap that has developed its own super powers now. “Cappy also grants its wearer free control over its powers,” explains Koizumi, like the new “capture” ability which allows Mario to take control of many enemies, animals and objects.

The Odyssey will send Mario to many new undiscovered lands. And at the “Crazy Cap stores”, gamers can purchase outfits and other stuff and customise Mario’s look. With the new Snapshot mode, players can freeze time at any moment and click fun pictures of Mario.

Now to wait till October 27.