If you’re a 1990s kid, or even a kid from the 2000s, then you’ve spent enough time on the internet scrolling mindlessly through memes, and posts titled “Only ’90s kids will understand”. Musician Shamir pays homage to this very millennial phenomena with a nostalgic video set on a Windows 1998 desktop computer (remember those?).

The appropriately titled ’90s Kids is for a generation that vividly remembers multiple windows popping open on the screen and the memes Shamir recreates. But most noteworthy is Shamir himself, who shows up in the video singing through all the classic memes like Evil Kermit, Arthur’s fist, Mr Krabs, Salt Bae and more.

That’s not all. Beyond the tribute to the millennial fuel of memes and nostalgia is an anthem for the widely misunderstood generation.

“We talk with vocal fry
We watch our futures die
(90s kids, 90s kids)
In debt before we slave
But mom just thinks we rave
(90s kids, 90s kids)
So put a drink in the air
For the college girls and boys
Paralysing anxiety
Is just a chore
Well our parents say we’re dramatic
But they always ask for more
Than we do
So f**k you
We out here strugglin’”