A video (above) shows the dramatic moment when a pet dog was rescued from the sea by the UK Coastguard in Cummingston, Scotland. According to reports, the Coastguard were alerted by a phone call that reported the cockapoo had been swept out to sea. Luckily for the pooch, the Coastguard helicopter was training in the area at the time, which promptly swept in for the rescue.

The helicopter quickly located the distressed animals and alerted the Moray inshore rescue boat based at Findhorn. The rescuers arrived, pulled the dog into the boat and swiftly took it back ashore to its owners, who were impatiently waiting for their pet to return.

Tweeting a video of the incident, the Maritime and Coastguard agency said: “During a training session in #MorayFirth today, the Inverness Coastguard helicopter helped locate a Cockerpoo being swept out to sea at #Cummingston. Dog safely rescued by Moray inshore lifeboat #allsafe.” They also shared a picture of the rescued pup (below):