Even as the #MeToo campaign led hundreds of thousands of women to disclose their experiences of being sexually abused, assaulted or harassed, here is a story that’s even more horrifying in some ways: of sexual assault from within the family.

Afreen Khan’s story starts with a smile as she asks, “Hello father, how are you?” But then she gives a small, mocking laugh and continues, “What happened? You don’t recognise me? It’s me, your daughter.”

At an open mic session by Tape A Tale, Khan (above) talks of the dreadful night that changed her life. Pin-drop silence persists in a hall full of people, as Khan’s story, titled Kya Yaad Hai Aapko? (Do You Remember?) is unspooled.

The trauma has never quite ended. “I ran and shut myself in that room,” she says. “And perhaps today, I’m still shut in that room.”