The campaigning blitzkrieg to be undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Gujarat elections makes it clear that he is once again the face of the party for the polls. Besides personal appearances, he now has a clever advertisement (video above) to push the message that he is a great reformer.

The ad (the first of more?) depicts two young men in a barbershop chatting about Modi being a “dictator who has disrupted people’s lives”, till they are interrupted by another man who then schools them on Modi’s virtues.

Banking on sarcasm as well as earnestness, the ad is a quick capsule of the achievements that the Prime Minister has claimed for himself and his government over the past three and a half years. And Gujarat’s supposed aversion for large-scale corruption gets prime play.

It is also revealed that the prime explicator, played by film and TV actor Jimit Trivedi, is actually a personification of vikas (development) in the state of Gujarat (and by extension, India).

Watch the original ad (in Gujarati) below: