Sachin Tendulkar no longer wears a helmet for hours at a stretch. He doesn’t have to, since he’s retired from cricket.

But he doesn’t want scooter and motorbike riders to retire from life. During a car journey in Kerala, Tendulkar decided to chide pillion riders for not wearing helmets. A starstruck couple – the woman behind the rider didn’t have a helmet – was told, “Wear helmet, at the back also (sic).” Maybe it was not the acknowledgement they were expecting for their adulation.

Was it spontaneous? Did Tendulkar wait for his fellow-passenger to turn the mobile camera on? No matter – the message was a useful one, and more likely to make an impac considering whom it came from.

Of course, Tendulkar came in for his own share of safety advice. As a fan on Facebook commented, “One Suggestion... you should also wear seat belt Sachin.... I always do doesn’t matter if I am sitting on the back seat...!!”

Earlier this year, Tendulkar had posted a similar video (below) where he encouraged people to consider road safety the “highest priority”, though the pillion rider was only focused on sneaking a selfie with him.