Rocker Paul McCartney wants you to stop eating meat on Mondays. If every fan of The Beatles – as everyone knows, McCartney was one of the Fab Four – around the world were to comply, that would certainly see a huge drop in meat consumption once a week.

It’s not about going vegetarian – although the musician is one himself. As the short documentary above, narrated by McCartney points out, animal agriculture – growing livestock for food – is extremely damaging to the environment, for it requires increasingly unsustainable levels of resources, including land, water and energy.

And so, the appeal for “One Day A Week”, where he’s joined by his family and by actors Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson. “Perhaps it’s time to ask a question – what can I as an individual do to help?” asks McCartney.

The short film also features a previously unreleased McCartney track, Botswana.