Swami Om is yet another piece in the ever-expanding jigsaw puzzle of self-styled godpeople in the country. If there was anyone who hadn’t heard of the self-proclaimed tantric guru so far, Swami Om made sure they did with his outrageous behaviour on popular reality show Bigg Boss, which resulted in his eviction from the house.

In an interview (above), the spirituality entrepreneur claimed that he wrote Dhinchak Pooja’s cringe-pop viral hit Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj. “Dhinchak Pooja had come to me knowing that I am a big tantrik. She wanted to be famous. Her song, Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj was written by me. I was in a mood of taking a selfie and recommended those lyrics,” he said.

He further went on to claim that Pooja Sharma (who goes by Dhinchak Pooja) was like his daughter, and was on Bigg Boss because of him. He even hinted at having helped her with her other songs. “I’m not a classical singer...Whenever she comes to me, whatever mood I’m in, I write that. Then it’s up to her to see what she picks.”