Aa man in Kerala was recorded on video trying to get cosy with an elephant. His reasons remain unknown.

The video (above) shows a man feeding bananas to the elephant, seemingly to get into its good books. When the elephant looked satiated and satisfied, the man daringly held the elephant by his tusks and planted a kiss on his trunk. The elephant let it pass.

However, the man’s drunken aspirations didn’t stop there. Even as his friend, the person recording the video, warned him, “Don’t do it, you are drunk, don’t do it. The elephant will get angey,” he attempted the dangerous move again. This time, the elephant didn’t quite take so kindly to being kissed without consent, and sent the man flying.

According to The News Minute, the incident took place in Karimannoor in Thodupuzha in Idukki district, featuring local resident Jinu John, who apparently came across the lone elephant on Sunday, at 3pm. He is now recovering from severe injuries in a hospital.