The Melbourne Shuffle, or just shuffling as it’s popularly called, is not a dance for the weak-hearted and demands an incredible amount of agility and effort.

But it seems like a breeze for this elderly man from China who seems to be able to do it with absolutely no effort at all. The video (above) shows him smoothly doing the shuffle with two little girls – possibly his granddaughters – in perfect synchronisation. The trio are so swift on their feet, they seem to be dancing with no effort at all.

The dancing trio and the background track – apparently a remix of a Chinese folk song – have gone viral on social media for how agile and adorable they are.

But this is probably not the first time the elderly man has been part of a viral dancing video. A few months ago, another video of a man who certainly looks and dances like him (and has the same dance moves) hit millions of views on social media, for dancing with his granddaughter. If anything, he only seems to have become better with time. Watch the video below: