Poet Glori B says she has no time for haters or for men trying to treat her like a doormat, especially on online dating apps such as Tinder. In this performance (above) of her poem Damn Girl, she takes on body-shamers and trolls with a vengeance.

She describes her countless experiences of being fat-shamed by men: “Being a woman on Tinder is like being a woman in a bar, it’s like being a woman on the street, it’s like being a woman anywhere,” she orates. And she proudly dispels the myth of the shame that comes with an “imperfect” body type. “Everyone thinks I must be plagued with self-loathing and shame / And meanwhile, I’m sitting over here wondering / When the f*ck’s everyone going to realise how hot I am?”

Glori B admits that as a child, the name-calling used to affect her morale, but twenty years later, she knows exactly how she wants to respond to them: “I make the earth move when I walk, because that’s what a goddess does when she takes corporeal form.”

“And if you would not deign to call me holy, I’ll glorify my own damn self,” she roars as the audience cheers her on. Powerful lines like “My hips could teach you the difference between bravado and vibrato” and “Do not tell me I’ve got a pretty face like it’s the only part of me that’s worth the word” will resonate with everyone deeply.