First there was Narendra Modi's famous chai pe charcha. Now, Bihar’s famous snack litti of litti chokha fame has become the epicentre of political discussion around the world. From the Czech Republic to Canada, from Times Square to New Jersey in the United States, non-residential Biharis are holding their own "Litti pe Charcha" meets before and during the five-phase Bihar assembly elections starting from October 12.

On October 10, several members of the Indian community gathered at the famous Times Square in New York City to discuss expectations from the next government in Bihar. Even as the JDU-RJD alliance and the Modi-led BJP slug it out in the state, more than 200 members joined the meet thousands of kilometres away to voice their opinion on key issues in Bihar.

Bihar has featured in the global limelight in other ways too. About a month ago, Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the Avengers films, tweeted claiming his roots aren't in New York City alone, for he is also 100% Bihar. Ruffalo's tweet was part of a campaign to boost the usage of renewable energy in Bihar, with the aim of becoming powered 100% through clean energy.


As the idea of Litti pe Charcha spreads across the Internet, Biharis from all over the world are now using social media to send messages to the people of Bihar.

One of them is the Prague-based scientist Dr Rajbardhan Mishra, who decided a deliver a message to the people of Bihar through YouTube. “It’s important for the people for choose the new government wisely. Bihar is still one of those states where there are no research institutes. As a researcher, I found it extremely difficult to study in Bihar,” he said in the video.

On Twitter ‘Litti pe Charcha’ is running under the hashtag #BiharKeLiye.