Patriotism, nationalism, intolerance. Three of the most common words in the public discourse today serve as the bedrock for comic artist Abish Mathew on his variety talk show Son of Abish (video above).

The questions he asks in an effort to prove that India is the best country in the world: “Can we love and still be critical of our country?”, “Is loving the country same as loving the government?”, and, the most important one, “Is the cow more than just an animal?”

For help answering his questions, the host invited Sumukhi Suresh – best known for playing shrewd and vicious “Behti Naak”. Professing his love for the country, Mathew cited India’s large pool of scientists and engineers, the prospering media, Indian inventions, and freedom of speech. Behti Naak, however, came prepared with some savage comebacks (marital rape, sati, and intolerance, among others).

The outcome: the video above.