Whether or not all of Saudi Arabia is on-board with King Salman’s decree that will allow women to drive from June 30, 2018, Haya Al Suwaidi is definitely in favour.

The Saudi filmmaker has produced a short video (above) to help change the growing prejudices against women driving in that country. What has worked especially in favour of the film is its vibrant cast – young Saudi children who talk about why they want their mothers to drive.

“It’s a beautiful feeling when my mother picks me up from school,” one of them chimes in. “My mother always gives me breakfast before leaving home and then says goodbye. Now, she will say that from the car,” says another. These young champions of women’s rights will not back down even in the face of adversity. “Even though I’m still a child, I can protect her and call the police.”

Explaining why she chose to feature children, Haya Al Suwaidi said: “Many children are anticipating the day when their mother will drive them to school. The clip focuses on the intimate feelings between the mother and her children.”